kvm-tec HIGH PERFORMANCE KVM Extender & Matrix Switching Systems

developed and produced in Europe, more precisely in Austria 

kvm-tec convinces with a product range that leaves nothing to be desired

KVM Extender over IP – the latest generation of Full HD & 4K Extender

The comprehensive product range Extends from Full HD KVM Extender to 4K KVM Extender, both with perfect video compression and zero latency, as well as an uncompressed product variant for a display without artifacts, e.g. medical applications. Of course, redundancy for safety-critical applications must not be missing. kvm-tec extenders transmit video and USB signals over long distances from 150m to 160km.

Software Features

All features, like Mouse glide & Switch (Cross Display Switching up to 16 screens ), 4 K Multiview Commander ( Quad View 4four) are software features. All KVM Extenders over IP  are compatible with standard network components in the matrix switching system up to 2000 endpoints and more. Full HD and 4K KVM Extender can be used in one Switching System. Access to virtual machines is possible via Gateway and Gateway2go. 

KVM Extender over IP  DVI, KVM Extender DVI-D, 4K Displayport Extender,
KVM Extender VGA & KVM Extender USB in CAT & Fiber

Of course, there is much more – you can read about it in kvm4future.

kvm-tec has three big passions




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How does this affect you?

IN-HOUSE DEVELOPMENT all technologies, like perfect video compression with zero latency for all our KVM Extender, USB2.0, Switching Manager Software etc. were developed in-house and are therefore flexible and adaptable

MARKETING AND SALES – our goal is we keep it simple

We turn complex applications into flexible customized, future proofed, secure engineered & hardware optimized high performance KVM solutions and have great fun with the technology and the best

kvm-tec solutions – KVM Extender & Matrx Switching Systems have a sensational price and are developed & produced in Europe – more precisely in Austria!

because we keep it simple

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smartEASY single
mastereasy dual
mastereasy single
mastereasy dual

EASYline – FULL HD KVM Extender

tune in the easy KVM world



KVM Extender Full HD DVI, DVI-D, KVM Extender VGA & KVM Extender USB in CATx & Fiber,Single & Dual,EASYline – the easy going KVM Extender in Full HD from kvm-tec. For
point-to-point connections and smaller matrix switching systems up to 56 endpoints. No user system necessary, embedded sound, 4 single or 4 dual in 1RU, copper and fiber, embedded sound, Video sharing, USB sharing, multihead, redundant


. . . this is what easy going looks like


FLEXline KVM Extender over IP

FLEXLINE FULL HD Extender –  the customized System

FLEXLINE the FULL HD Extender of the new generation,

whose features get under the skin


Ultra slim housing – 4 Dual Extender in 1 RU – i.e. 8 video streams. Copper and fiber variant in single and dual. Point-to-point or, depending on the variant, useable in matrix switching systems up to 1000 endpoints and more.  Expandable by endpoint packages of 50 or 100 endpoints each. Redundant for high security applications. Optimized channel management of audio, video, USB can save hardware in application. In switching systems with standard network components easy management through the included Switching Manager Software, suitable for 24V systems, PoE version in copper,

INDUSTRYFLEXline for environmental temperatures up to 55 degrees and undestroyable flash.SMARTflex, MASTERflex, MAXflex, USBflex


. . . this is what fun with technology looks like


Product of the Year
KVM Extender- SMARtline- Full HD-VGA-DVI-USB
KVM Extender- MASTERline - Full HD-VGA-DVI-USB
KVM Extender- MATRXIline- Full HD-VGA-DVI-USB
KVM Extender- ULTRALINE -4K Displayport 1.2-USB

CLASSIC 48 KVM Extender

For smaller systems up to 48 endpoints the Classicline is the ultra reliable product range for the transmission of USB and DVI video signals. Resolution 1920×1200@60Hz, max. distance 150m/160km, USB2.0 transparent, USB save feature, USB memory, switching systems up to 48 endpoints




. . . this is what reliability looks like for years to come


CLASSIC 2000 KVM Extender

two top class products – MATRIXline the FULL HD Extender up to 2000 endpoints with Mouse glide & switch as a software feature and 4K Ultraline DP1.2 the 4K Extender, which leaves nothing to be desired

The two combined in the 4K Multiview Commander are an unbeatable team. Thus, 4 x local Matrixline and 1 remote x 4K UVX Extender can be used in the 4K Multiview Commander. (software feature). Contents from 4 PCs can be displayed and operated on a 4K monitor.


. . . this is how ergonomic workplaces look like


KVM Extender- media4Kconnect -4K Displayport 1.2-USB
KVM Extender- media4Kconnect -4K Displayport 1.2-USB
KVM Extender- Gateway- for virtual machines
KVM Extender- Gateway- for virtual machines

media4Kconnect – the engineered system

not only the smallest 4K box on the market – media4Kconnect is also available in three versions. As a 4K Extender stand alone, as a 4K Extender with redundancy for safety-critical applications, or in an uncompressed version for transmission without artifacts.

media4Kconnect stand alone, media4kconnect redundant, media4Kconnect uncompressed


… this is what product diversity looks like


Gateway & Gateway2go

Gateway – provides access to virtual machines in addition to your real time switching system.

Gateway2go – the Windows app enables live images from the switching system




… this is what access to virtual machines looks like


kvm-tec Switching Manager
kvm-tec Switching Manager
kvm-tec Switching Manager
kvm-tec Switching Manager

Switching Manager Software – Switch up@work & API & Switching Systems 

Switching Manager Software –the software solution for managing and controlling all KVM extenders in the switching system. With the intelligent software solution, user groups, Mouse glide & Switch, user bindings, session protocols, scenarios and much more can be created.

 … this is how easy going management  looks like



Matrix Switching Systems – kvm-tec extenders meet the requirements of small systems up to 48 endpoints switched via OSD. Flexible systems up to 100 and 1000/2000 and more endpoints are managed with the Switching Manager Software. Also possible are decentralized switching systems, which are connected via uplinks (10Gbit).

All kvm-tec extenders are compatible with standard network components and can therefore be implemented as flexible and inexpensive matrix switching systems.

Switching in a dedicated network is secure against cyber attacks and is super fast due to the in-house developed technology..

… this is what flexibility looks like


kvm-tec API – the standardized programming interface for the connection to your software

kvm-tec in the box
kvm-tec in the box
4K Multiview Commander
4K Multiview Commander

Features & Technical Insights

The development team of kvm-tec has set itself two major goals

 One goal is – we develop everything in-house


The video compression was developed in-house, a delay-free transmission of video signals through a line-to-line transmission, a delay-free 4K transmission and also the transparent USB 2.0 was developed in-house, because we believe that a flexible FPGA CHIP means flexible USB.

The second goal is – all features are developed as software features

This means no extra hardware for you as a customer. Our innovative software features for ergonomic workstations and control rooms:

Mouse glide& Switch – up to 16 monitors can be controlled with one mouse and keyboard

4K Multiview Commander – the content of 4 PCs can be displayed and operated on a 4K screen.

….. this is how innovation looks like


Add ons & Accessories

Rack Mounting Kits, Kits for under table mounting, Vesa Mounting and rail mounting for the mounting of all kvm-tec extenders.

SFP modules for different distances, cables and power supplies


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