kvm-tec 4FUTURE

flexible customized , future proofed , secure engineered & Hardware optimized

these are the high performance systems kvm-tec 4FUTURE 

This is exactly what the new KVM Extender generation looks like, which meets the demands of HIGH Performance KVM systems now and in the future with the latest technologies.

We would be happy to introduce you to the KVM System4FUTURE concept, with which you can address many customers & markets..

… this is what the KVM future looks like


kvm-tec Functionalities

Features & Functionalities as Software features free home delivered with our KVM Extenders.



Solutions & Matrix Switching Systems

All KVM extenders are compatible with standard network components and can be used in matrix switching systems from 48 to 2000 or more endpoints.


High Performance KVM Systems


The new generation KVM systems need flexibility and all devices should be combinable with each other. Full HD and 4K depending on the application in a KVM Matrix System. Switching systems with standard network components enable super fast switching and should grow with the system.

For kvm-tec this means that the number of endpoints can be expanded flexibly. Redundancy and uncompressed provide the necessary security in the system. Sustainability is increased by innovative features, which are implemented as software features at kvm-tec without additional hardware. For KVM high performance systems the perfect real time transmission in Full HD and 4K with a latency <5ms with perfect video compression is important. The in-house development USB 2.0 transparent allows for the greatest possible flexibility in the selection of USB devices.

High performance KVM systems are therefore extremely flexible and scalable in size. Gateway and Gateway2go allow access to virtual machines or live images from the switching system.


kvm-tec flexibel customized

Product line FLEXline, media4Kconnect and 4K Ultraline product line can be combined in the switching system and with Gateway and Gateway2go access to virtual machines and live images from the switching system is possible.



kvm-tec future proofed

The matrix switching system can be expanded again and again through upgrade packages for endpoints and guarantees super fast switching up to 2000 endpoints.

Switching without any limit


kvm-tec secure engineered

Redundant for reliability and uncompressed for a display without artifacts with a latency of < 5ms and perfect video compression. Non hackable – due to a unique and proprietary protocol – KVM system runs on a VLAN or a separate switch. This means a dedicated network management



kvm-tec hardware optimiert

Software features Mouse glide & Switch, 4 K Multiview Commander

flexible & scalable  USB, Video and Sound Channel managing

4 single or 4 dual FLEXline Extender in 1RU – saves space in the rack